Anatomic sponge support for baby bath, midi, pink, Tega Baby


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Tega Baby


The Tega Baby bath sponge, with its little teddy bear shape, provides comfort for your baby during bath time, protecting his spine from hard surfaces and supporting his head, neck and body. It also helps parents to protect their little one from the danger of slipping.
The sponge, made of synthetic material, is very soft, but at the same time firm enough to support the baby. The set also includes two small sponges in different shapes and colours, which may differ from the picture shown here.
Instructions for use: the sponge should be disinfected before the first use by placing it on a sterile surface and pouring 2-3 litres of hot water over it.
After each use, it should be washed with a solution of children’s soap and water, rinsed and squeezed carefully (rolling it from the thinner end) to avoid tearing.

Dimensions: 50 cm total external length; 28,5 cm total external width; 7 cm height at the top;

44 cm long is the inner length (notch) where the baby’s body will be fitted, the part from the head to the bottom.

Recommended for age: 0 months.
Colour: pink.
For: little girls.


Tega Baby

Tega Baby


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