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Fever is not a disease, but a reaction of the body to help protect against infection. Increasing temperature stimulates the body to use its own resources to fight a wide variety of pathogens. However, a high fever can significantly affect important body functions and put great strain on sensitive organs, especially in young children. Using Reer’s ClassicTemp digital thermometer, you can check body temperature quickly and easily.

– The clinically validated Reer ClassicTemp digital thermometer has a gold-plated tip and measures quickly, in just 20 seconds.
– It can measure temperature in 3 ways: rectally, in the mouth or under the arm.
– The thermometer can be used safely by the whole family, even babies as young as 0 months.
– The measuring tip is fixed and gold-plated to protect allergic persons. This means that the thermometer is not only ideal for allergy sufferers, but is particularly gentle on baby’s sensitive skin. This is confirmed by the dermatological testing institute “Dermatest” in Germany, which gave this thermometer a “very good” rating.
– Very easy to read thanks to the large LCD screen.
– It is fully sealed and allows complete immersion in water or disinfectant for sterilization
– It beeps at the end of the measurement and sounds an alarm at fever (37.8°C).
– It remembers the last measured value and displays it automatically the next time the thermometer is switched on.
– Supplied with LR41 battery and acrylic case for storage and transport.
– Can measure temperature from 32 °C to 42.9 °C, accurate to 0.1 °C
– Made of quality materials, BPA-free
– Medical device certified according to European Community standards.

Warranty: 24 months.
Colour: white, screen border is grey, top is gold, storage and transport box is transparent
Product weight (kg): 0,075.

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