Bodysuits with side staples

In terms of clothing, bodysuits with top-to-bottom side staples are ideal as they are easy to handle. It’s good for newborn clothes to be easy to put on and take off, as they will need to be changed very often. The newborn’s soft and fragile skin needs the best quality and natural materials: cotton, bamboo, etc. Another important aspect is to buy them (especially if they are bought early, which is often the case) suitable for the season in which the baby will be born.

To help you choose the right size, we know for example that, according to statistics, the normal newborn height is between 46 – 54 cm, with an average of 50 cm.

Bodysuits with long-sleeved side staples

Bodysuits with short-sleeved side staples

Trousers with booties

Long-sleeved baby overalls and suits

Long-sleeved baby overalls and suits, cold season