Below we have chosen some versatile designs of maternity nightgowns and pyjamas, maternity and breastfeeding gowns that are suitable for both pregnancy and a few days in hospital.

They have been designed to cope successfully with the first months after birth, allowing easy breastfeeding. They are garments that are well worth the investment, designed by designers with a lot of love for the pregnant woman and everything she stands for, and are also suitable after this beautiful period of life, with a stylish but sexy cut. The materials used are of the highest quality, with cotton or bamboo being preferred.

   Because I gave birth in the cold season and I searched a lot on all the websites for a nightgown/pyjamas that would be suitable for both pregnancy and breastfeeding, and that would necessarily be made of cotton, but also with long sleeves, I thought I’d make the search easier for mums-to-be:

   Or combinations of the following can be made:

   And we haven’t forgotten the mums who will give birth in the warm season:

   Finally, a little advice for mothers who opt for caesarean section. The most suitable clothes for maternity and immediately after the operation are nightdresses or dressing gowns for pregnant women. During the healing period, pyjama trousers can be difficult to wear as the operated area will be very sensitive.


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