We all know that birth brings immediate consequences to our bodies. To help your wounds heal properly and maintain optimal hygiene, whether you give birth naturally or via caesarean section, you will need postnatal maternity briefs, postnatal absorbents and vacuum dressings to help you.

Postnatal panties for nursing mothers

The mesh panties were created especially for mother’s days in hospital. They have comfortable elastic waist and groin bands and keep the postnatal pad still.

Postnatal absorbent

Because bleeding in the first 3-4 days after birth is generally the heaviest, there are absorbents specific to this period, made from both natural and synthetic materials.

Absorbent pads

The bed linen covers are a “must have” because they will help you to protect the bed linen you sleep in after the birth, but also because, with their help you will be able to protect from small accidents the surfaces on which you will change your baby. In addition, they are very useful for changing your baby’s diaper in public spaces or those outside your home.