Breast pads (maternity and breastfeeding), 60 pieces, Lansinoh


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Lansinoh breast pads are designed to provide maximum absorbency, comfort and discretion.

Thin and discreet, they have an absorption power of up to 20 times their weight. They have a slim ultra-absorbent contour for a natural fit for any breast shape, without being noticeable under clothes. They come with 2 self-adhesive strips that make it easy to secure the pad and prevent slipping.

They will provide maximum comfort thanks to the superfine material, which is provided with a ventilation system for a pleasant and dry feeling, perfect for sensitive skin. Your skin will stay dry day or night and your clothes will be clean.
These pads have been designed with a system that instantly captures and disperses liquid away from the centre.

Soft and velvety, they keep their shape even when wet. They have an inner honeycomb lining that stays dry and keeps milk away from the skin, preventing leakage.

Each pad is individually packaged and disposable.

The size is universal ” fit for any breast size.

Package includes: 60 pieces of breast pads.





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