Hair brush with natural bristles and comb, white, Canpol babies


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Canpol babies


Canpol babies hair brush is made from 100% natural hair to provide a natural and pleasant feel. The comb has rounded teeth that protect the sensitive scalp.
The brush and comb set is specially designed for daily hair care of babies and toddlers, and the brush can be used from the first days of life. It is non-electrifying.
A baby’s scalp is sensitive in the first months of life. That’s why a special brush and comb can be used to care for it, helping the hair to grow stronger. Even if your baby doesn’t have a lot of hair yet, he will definitely enjoy massaging his scalp with a soft brush and also get used to the daily care routine.

Before the first use rinse the hair brush with hot water and blow dry.

Recommended for age: 0 months.

Colour: white.

For: boys or girls.


Canpol Babies

Canpol babies


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