Huggies Elite Soft diapers 3-5 kg, number 1, 26 pieces


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The Elite Soft range for newborns uses a combination of classic and modern materials to give your baby optimum comfort and protection: organic cotton on the outside and Soft Absorb (R) on the inside. These surfaces work together to provide long-lasting comfort and instant moisture absorption, while your baby’s skin breathes naturally. Micropore materials allow baby’s skin to breathe.

The outer shell contains 100% organic cotton, and the waistband is soft and highly elastic and can be fastened anywhere.

The wetness indicator changes colour and announces when the nappy is wet.

The Soft Absorb surface absorbs the liquid stool in seconds and keeps the skin dry, and the soft cushions create a gentle barrier between baby’s skin and the liquid stool.

The pack contains 26 diapers.

Recommended for age: 0 months (3-5 kg)
Colour: white with delicate designs.
For: boys or girls.





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